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Creating separate visual content to communicate your messages.

Presentations (PowerPoint and OneNote)

Website Design

Digital Advertising Design

Iconography Design

Data Visualization Design

Social Media Content

Signs and Wayfinding Systems

Event and Exhibit Design

Stationary and other Business Tools

Social Media Content

Email Template and Content Design

Packaging Design


Use brand strategy to develop visuals and tools that give meaning and purpose to your business.

Brand and Production Naming

Brand Strategy & Research

Story and Messaging

Logo and Identity Systems

Web & Mobile Design

Brand Guide and Tool Kits

Ongoing Brand Management

Online Content Production

Social Media Managment 


Using graphic design to support visual elements for screen or stage. Also can support acting careers with video reel editing and professional headshots. 

Props for Stage and Screen

Marketing and Strategy


Photo Editing for Props

Promotional Graphic Design

Promotional Photography

Reel Video Editing


Available for in-house studio or on-location shoots.  






Food & Still

Social Media Content

Photo Editing

Fine Art and Advertising Photo Editing

Art Direction for Photography


What if I'm not sure of which service I need?

Please send an email with the results you are looking for and we will go through the services together to make sure you get what you need.

What are the types of clients you work with?

I work with many types of clients from different industries. Large or small, it doesn't matter. I do prefer clients who are very passionate about their projects and want to push their boundaries.

What are your rates?

Rates and payments differ from client to client. I offer hourly rates as well as pre-planned packages. We can go over those options in your initial set-up meeting.

How do you get paid?

I have a few options for payment. 1. Automatic Routing to a Bank Account 2. A certified check 3. Venmo Account I am open to other options if needed.

Is there a contract involved?

Yes. I require all my clients to sign a contract for all projects. Contracts vary from project to project. Happy to talk through any contract needs and, if necessary, have my attorney present.

What are your hours of avalibility?

As a consultant, my hours of operation vary depending on the projects I am working on. I try to keep regular office hours for meetings and calls from 10 AM-4 PM EST.

What happens if I don't like the work you produce for me?

It is crucial for me and my clients to keep up open and honest communication while working on any project. We will have regular check-ins to make sure the work I am doing is what you need. If you are starting to be dissatisfied with the work being produced or my partnership, I encourage you to schedule a meeting with me so we can talk through any issues. In most cases, we can easily terminate our contract and you will pay for the time and services rendered up to that point. But I work hard to make sure that never happens!


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